Shards of Consciousness

Meditation Postures

Meditation is an exercise for the mind and spirit, but the way you hold your body during meditation is an important foundation. In my articles on OOBE I talked about sending the body to sleep, while keeping the mind awake. When we meditate we are looking for a similar state. We want to stay awake, while being able to forget about the body. Lying down, especially when you are new to meditation, isn't a good idea because it's too easy to fall asleep. For the same reason kicking your feet up in a comfortable recliner is usually a bad idea. A sitting posture in which your spine is vertical usually works the best. Read more

Fallen Lady

Sitting in a darkened room
She sees a face
Reflected in the gloom.
The fallen lady feels a trace
Of one she left behind
When Shemloch touched her
With his wings
Loosing her from her time. Read more

September, 2006 : Blogtipping Personal Development Bloggers

It's the first day of the month and I decided its time to participate in a ritual of the blogging world I've been lax in attending - blogtipping. Read more

Save Time By Writing With Notescript

I love to write. Each day and each month I practice I get better at it (I hope). But I don't like the mechanics of writing. Communicating ideas, reinforcing learning, expressing an emotion, this is what I really enjoy. Attending college brought home just how much I dislike the mechanics of writing. I couldn't keep up taking notes in class. I would lose my train of though as it had to slow down to my writing speed when I was drafting a paper. I found that writing longhand was bogging me down. Read more

Nine Obstacles to Completing Your Goals and Four Ways to Overcome Them

Achieving our goals takes time, energy, focus. Patanjali, in the Yoga Sutras, the ancient Indian manual of spiritual practice, talks about the obstacles to progress in spiritual growth. These obstacles also apply to financial, relational, emotional, physical, and intellectual goals. Whether we are trying to make money, write a paper for school, raise a child to be a mature adult, write a novel, or maintain a happy marriage, they can make our task harder.
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Exploring Pathways to Freedom