Shards of Consciousness

Living Life's Labor

I had Spirit in Gear, but I was looking for Evolving Times. An adventure was in order. Read more

Podcast 58 - The Walls Around Us

When we look around, metaphors abound. One of my favorite metaphors I found in a giraffe at the zoo and his fear of the wide world around him. This podcast tells his story. Read more

Tanka # 8

you sit, judging tone
and tenor, rhythm and pace.
you frown, as a word
tumbles into it's neighbor.
i turn, a smile on my lips.

Podcast 57 - Courage in Everyday Life

Courage. The dictionary defines it as
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Podcast 56 - The Secret of Happiness

She loves me! I enjoy movies. Let's have fun! I love my new car. Read more

Exploring Pathways to Freedom