Shards of Consciousness

Tanka #9

memories building
a web structured by belief
light prismed, colored
grains of thought, fluid, structured
flesh of dreams made manifest

A Blogging Transition

As I've mentioned in the past, I've been working with a new blogging engine called Habari. I've had several sites on the platform - Cockrum Publishing, SagRising, the Ambridge Family Theatre, and my son's site, Ripples of Thought. Habari is still fairly new, though, and it was missing one thing that Shards needs - podcasting support. Read more

Haiku #11

slyly pretentious
the contentious slap and stab
smiles hide knives in words

That's the Song I Hear

Today the lyrics to an old song have been running through my mind Read more

"I Wasn't Trying to be an Example."

One of my favorite Friday morning radio shows is StoryCorps, on our local National Public Radio station. Read more

Exploring Pathways to Freedom