Shards of Consciousness

I'm Not a Diagnosis

This morning's StoryCorp broadcast involved a lady who was involved in a severe car accident that left her paralyzed and most bones in her body broken. While in the hospital a young doctor began telling her everything she may not ever be able to do again. These included things like talking, smelling, and tasting. Read more

Tanka #10

the same old, same old.
been there, done that, a new year
finds me still the same.
do i change my soul, my self
as i change the calender?

Podcast 60 - The Victorious Breath

In Podcast 55 - Meditation Breathing Exercises, I discussed two breathing exercises from yoga that are useful in improving your emotional and physical state and preparing for meditation, alternate nostril breathing and the skull shine breath. There is a third breathing exercise that falls into this category, the victorious breath. Read more

Did You Know?

Did you know mirrors
live and breathe, run and shout, work
and play all around? Read more

Podcast 59 - What Is Personal Development?

Personal development means different things to different people. We may relate it to becoming more productive, attaining success in whatever field interests us, spiritual growth, or education. Personal development can relate to all these things, and more, but most of the definitions embody adding to, or taking away from, what we already are or have. I suppose this is inevitable. Much of the western world view is mechanistic. Personal development becomes an exercise in engineering wherein traits are added or subtracted from the personality according to plan. Read more

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