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November 2006: Blogtipping Personal Development Bloggers

What a world, what a world! The first of the month, that hallowed Blogtipping Day, is Wednesday, so there'll be two posts here today. Once again I'll be blogtipping personal development bloggers. I learn a lot from them, and I hope you will too.

Tippee #1: Steve Johnson's The Fast Lane
1 - Your writing is focused and from the heart.
2 - You make good use of images to illustrate your point.
3 - You are quick to reply to comments.
Tip - Take a look at your about page. There are php warnings both before and after the text.

Tippee #2: Nneka's Balanced Life Center
1 - Visually, you have one of the easiest blogs to read I've seen in a long time. These eyes thank you!
2 - The Season of Gratitude is a great idea. It makes a point, gets many points of views, and builds community all at the same time.
3 - I love the Balanced Life graphic. It illustrates your purpose and the subjects well.
Tip - If you did it on purpose, ignore this, but 'Balanced Life Center' in your header has it's bottom half cut off.

Tippee #3: Lyman Reed's Creating a Better Life
1 - You don't lecture. You don't preach. You just talk. (I wish I could get the hang of that.)
2 - You put out the Carnival of Personal Development regularly, developing community and letting us learn about new bloggers and new ways of seeing life. Thank you!
3 - The ability to subscribe to comments without commenting is great! I'm going to have to upgrade my plugin.
Tip - If you're comfortable where you're at, ignore this, but a little more frequency in posting would be cool.

That's it for this month. Steve, Nneka, Lyman - thanks for being here. Everyone else, if you haven't seen this blogs, take a look. See you next month for another blogtipping!

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8 Responses to November 2006: Blogtipping Personal Development Bloggers

  • Rick, thanks for the heads-up on my about page, and thank you for the wonderful compliments!

  • You're welcome, Steve. :-)

  • Rick,

    Thanks for tipping me and for the tip. I was just about to change the layout because I didn't think it was exciting enough. Guess I should leave well enough alone ;-)

    BTW, I don't see the title slicing in Firefox or IE, but I am running late versions. Which browser and version are you using?

    This is a really neat idea.

    Thanks again,

  • If you want to change your theme, change it. Be happy in your house. I personally like simple and clean, though you can't tell it from this site. Shards looks too busy to me, but I haven't figured out a way to get everything in I want to have here and still get a look that isn't busy.

    I usually use IE 7, which shows the cut off header. I forgot to check your site with FF. Let me look.... The header looks fine in FF on this end, too.

    Thanks go to Easton Ellsworth at Business Blogwire for the blogtipping idea. It is pretty cool.

  • Rick, thanks for keeping the blogtipping tradition strong. I'll link to this post today. Fine links. What an efficient way to discover new things!

  • It's a good tradition, Easton. Thanks for thinking of it! It accomplishes a lot of things in one neat package.

  • Wow, thanks Rick! I'm humbled and honored. And I agree with your tip, as well... it's actually been a while since I've been comfortable with my posting frequency myself...

    Thanks again!

  • Hey Lyman!

    I've a learned from you, and we in the personal development blogger community appreciate what you've done for us. Thank you.

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