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My Opi Dreams the Past

When I heard about the opi from Lyman in his post My Opi (Finally), the first images to cross my mind came from an old American television series, The Andy Griffith Show with the iconic Opie, son of Sheriff Andy Taylor.

Just a short amount of reading told me April Groves created the opi to to denote my future self. Whew! I don't have to be Ron Howard.

But would that be so bad? Ron Howard is one of those rarities - a famous child actor who grew up to be a 'normal' person. He became one of the best producers and directors in Hollywood. He became himself instead of living a caricature of an image. I could live with that.

My Opi. I get up in the morning, images of the night's experiences still in my head. My wife is lying beside me. I get a cup of coffee, then read my mail. The kids are doing well. Books sales are steady. After  meditating I spend the day working on the new book as Lady Glynis books films for the next few weeks. During a break I work in the greenhouse looking back over the last few years. I can't remember the last time I became truly angry at anything. I can't remember the last time I beat myself up about something. People haven't changed. I have. I'm becoming me. I am thankful that each moment is new. I send this moment to my self.

The dance goes on.

Thank you, Lyman.

Jon, Michael, Carolyn, Steve, Robyn? You're it (or not).

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