Shards of Consciousness



Close, closely you approach
With your cultivated words
And square-formed equations.
Closely you approach the abyss' edge
But never reach the brink.
Your fancied words and symbols shields,
Your razor logic a sword
To keep away the night you feel.

Hurry! Pronounce the word
that binds the light.
Keep out the night,
The abyss that hides
Just beyond the edge of form
Until the time you sleep.
Then your words disappear.
You're trapped in the dreams of night.
Dreams, with their transformations,
Dreams, where tigers become trees.
Where has logic fled to now,
Where your cultivated words,
When tigers can be trees?

Light returns to blind your eyes.
Again you see the day,
Again you try to keep away,
With your cultivated words
And square-formed equations,
The night that hides beyond the edge,
The abyss you meet when you go to bed.

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