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May 2007 - Blogtipping Personal Development Bloggers

I'm late. I'm late for a very important date. Oh, wait a minute. No I'm not. Today is May 1, and the ritual of blogtipping, instituted of old by Easton Ellsworth, has begun. According to the canon you're supposed to give three good compliments and a gentle tip to the victims fortunate recipients. There are enough people on the business side of things, so I try to stay with personal development bloggers.

First up today is the nakedpastor, David Hayward. As is evident from the name of his blog, David is a pastor who artfully bares his soul as he wrestles with all things religious. David has an ongoing series of posts called Prayers from the Cell and another called Jaunt with Jesus that are a must for me. His blog design is clean, uncluttered, and leads you to the meat of the blog, rather than the baubles. He has built a community from disparate individuals who treat each other with respect and kindness, even when they disagree. My tip - I'm at a loss. Thank you, David.

Next in line is Karen Lynch at Live the Power. Karen, your posts are inspiring and thoughtful. I especially like the way you are able to weave them through the stories from your life, showing how we can use the thoughts behind them in our lives. The only thing I would change is your rss feeds.Full feeds really won't keep people from your blog, and will probably result in an increase in the number of subscribers you have.

I'll finish the month with Steve Olson's Steve takes hard looks at the public face of personal development, how our thoughts and beliefs impact us politically and socially. Steve, your posts are thoughtful and insightful. Your heart shows through each one. You talk about issues that many people would rather ignore, and people from a wide spectrum of positions involved in what you talk about. Keep it up. I have a question, not a tip. Why does John Chow keep putting I Love Steve Olson ads on your site? :-)

David, Karen, Steve - thank you.

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