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Love is the Power

Starbucker, over at Ramblings From a Glass Half Full, has been trying to tease out the things that are most important in reaching a place of success and happiness. He's got a list of 30 candidates that he wants to pare down to 10 with our input. Pop over, read the post, and tell him what you think. I'll wait...........

One of the items in his list is love. That made me stop and think. People talk a lot about passion, and desire, but love is one of those four letter words you don't often see in listings of requirements to get to a place you want to be. At the same time it may be one of the most important requirements. It is the active expression of caring that makes everything else possible.

2 Responses to Love is the Power

  • Rick, thanks for the link. I really like the way you've expressed the idea of love as a factor of success, especially the last sentence - "the active expression of caring that makes everything else possible". Nailed it! Thanks.

  • No problem, Starbucker.

    The technicalities of a business can be learned. Your list shows the bases to build on in any field, at least from my perspective as an outsider to the corporate world.

    Would you believe I've never been in a Starbucks?

    #304 | Comment by Rick on August 11, 2006 7:57pm

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