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Living Life's Labor

I had Spirit in Gear, but I was looking for Evolving Times. An adventure was in order.

A couple of galaxies down and one nebula over, I entered Balanced Life Center. I saw Alex Shalman making a Chris Brogan list with Trevor's Writing about 50 ways to Make It Great!

Nearby Michael R. Weir was Just Thinkin' and Adversity University Blog had just been Blazing a Trail for Wandering Minds.

Meanwhile, some Ripples of Thought were wandering aimlessly and asking, “Has anyone found a Motivational Speaker?”

No one seemed to notice the group in a candlelit corner. Dressed in black, in cognito, Personal Development Blog held a rendezvous with Steve Olson , and The Dragon Slayer's Guide to Life. Rumor has it they were plotting to Live the Power .

The meeting of folks from 360 Alliance Coaching broke into conflict with Christine Kane's Blog over Engaging the Disquiet.
That seemed HUGE until Creating a Better Life.

Binary Bonsai couldn’t shut up about that Productivity in Context. As a result, two thousand people decide to Attract Abundance with Your Mind, Awakening Sense, and we heard echo "hey, it works" > /dev/null for days after.

Pick the Brain reported that, “It’s simply Brain Based Biz.”

My own perspective is Letting Me Be.

Thanks to Phil Gerbyshak and Liz Strauss for the fun. Check out Labor day Blog-Lib Link Love Again for more Blog-Libs and how to make your own.

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17 Responses to Living Life's Labor

  • Rick, you were amazingly creative in this post. I haven't stopped by in quite awhile and your wonderful post to reach out reminded me of what a great online friend you are.

    Thanks so much!

  • Hey Rick, this was quite fun to read!

  • I don't know how long it took you to put this together, but you sure make it look easy. It was so fun to read. I'm still smiling to picture it all as if it happened. :P

  • Thank you, Robyn. It's been pretty slow around here, so you haven't had a reason to stop by. It's good to remember, and see, old friends.

  • Hi Karen! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I know I enjoyed writing it, and thank Phil for bringing me in the for ride.

  • These are such fun to write and read, Liz. People come up with fantastic stories that show that the subjects and interests on the web are as varied as the people who populate it. Thank you for putting the idea out there for us.

  • Now that was a fun read, sorry I missed it, but I may just put something like this together next week. Thanks for the love!

  • Rick!

    I haven't communicated with you in quite some time - this is a good reminder to get involved in this fun game down the road. You were quite creative my friend! Thanks for including me in your cute little story.

  • I love posts like these and this one is top notch. Nice job Rick (and thanks for the link).

    I've not been making the rounds to my favorite places of late due to health problems (makes it hard to stay in focus) and I miss the comradery for sure. The VA is (finally) going to be doing a bit of surgery to help part of the problem out so here's to hopin'. In the meantime, I find wonderful posts like this one to keep me smiling.

  • @Stephen,

    Welcome to Shards. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm also glad I found your site while putting this together. You do good work. I've added you to my reader.

  • Stephen!

    I've been off doing other things than posting on Shards (except the podcast - that's been a constant), so you haven't had much reason to stop in. One good thing about this post is the renewal of old acquaintances as I caught up on some of my reading and people have stopped in to comment. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

  • Kirk,

    My wife takes her uncle to the local VA on a regular basis. Sometimes I think of the VA as the millstone, it grinds exceedingly slow, but it does grind on. I'm glad they will be doing the surgery for you. Be sure to let us know how it goes. You'll be in our thoughts.

  • Glad that we've reconnected again! Been so long. :)

  • Great to see you playing along Rick. Thanks for sharing your fun with all of us, and for reconnecting the dots in such a fun way.


  • Thanks for including me, Phil. It was the most fun I've had in a while. :)

  • Hi Phil, I missed out on your link earlier. Thanks! This is a very clever and creative post.


  • Hi Evelyn.

    Thank you for stopping in, and for the Stumble. I appreciate it. Your's was one of the sites I haven't seen before. I'm glad this game led me to it.

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