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List of Personal Development Bloggers

If you go to technorati you will see that there are 2,160 blogs that have tagged themselves as personal development blogs. There are 191,729 posts that have been tagged as pertaining to personal development. That is a lot of blogs, and a lot of writing. Assuming a post averages 500 words, that is over 95,000,000 words written on the subject - most of which each one of us individually will never know about.

So Priscilla Palmer decided to make a master list of the personal development bloggers that aren't self identified as personal development. These are the blogs that you and I read to aid and encourage us in our growth. Priscilla listed five blogs, one of which was Today is that Day by Aaron Potts. Aaron also listed five blogs. Bless his heart, Shards was one of the five.

Priscilla's List

Aaron's List

It's interesting how many times five is used in lists. In many ways five is the number of the world. We have five senses. There are five elements (fire, earth, air, water, spirit - or akasha in India). Spread out, the human body is the shape of a pentagram.. Astrologically, Mars, the symbol of power and passion, is the fifth planet. Five is enough to give some variety, but also a small enought number to make you think hard. Difficult though it is, here are five more for the list.

My List

Lyman, could you think about adding the master list as a page at the Personal Development Carnival?

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