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Is Your Sign Upside Down?

I was listening to Story Corps this morning. Lucky Osborne was talking about growing up with his grandparents, Mama Willie and Daddy Charlie.

Willie and Charlie owned a small cafe. Lucky tells the story about the day a sign painter came into the cafe and told Charlie that he would paint them a sign in exchange for a meal. Charlie writes down what he wants painted, Ferrell's Cafe, and give the paper to the painter.

A while later the painter came in and told Charlie he was done. Charlie goes out to look, and the sign is done, beautifully letter - and upside down.

The man couldn't read, but he could paint. Charlie fed him and he was on his way. The sign stayed upside down for years. Charlie said it was the best advertising he ever had. People would see it, and out of curiosity come in. They always bought something.

Most of us would look at that sign and get angry. I can't use that! It isn't right!

Not Charlie. Charlie wanted people to come to his business. He knew his goal was to get customers in the door, not a sign. The sign was just a tool to reach the goal. And it did it's job well.

Are you looking at your tools? Or your goals?

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