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"I Wasn't Trying to be an Example."

One of my favorite Friday morning radio shows is StoryCorps, on our local National Public Radio station.

This morning's program featured a father and son, Joseph Natale and his son, Greg. Joseph's wife died when their children were young. He spent a couple of years trying to be all things to his children, supplying their physical and emotional wants to the point of excess, but soon realized he needed to take care of his own needs, too.

Joseph began participating in local theater. It was there that he met his future second wife, Kelli.

At one point in the interview Greg tells his father Through your example, you prepared me for life," Greg Natale says, referring to his father's ability to cope with losing the love of his life. "You made me able to deal with my own ups and downs."

"I wasn't trying to be an example," Joseph replied.

"That's the best kind of example," said his son.

It is, isn't it.

2 Responses to "I Wasn't Trying to be an Example."

  • Outstanding. Glad you shared it.

    BTW, still working the Tanka. Stay tuned.

  • Hi Derek. It's good to see you again.

    StoryCorps is one of the best spots I've heard on NPR. Before it's done, there will be quite an archive of inspirational stories and oral histories. If you do a search on storycorps here, you'll find a few others that have hit home with me.

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