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How To Reach Your Goals

How are we going to get there if we don't know where we are going?

What's My Mission

This is the question we all must answer if we want to do anything with our lives beyond existing from the day we are born to the day we die. We have to have a goal, a mission in life. Your mission is the theme of your life.

Did Martin Luther King, Jr. have a mission? Did Stanley Livingstone? Did Jesus. Did Thomas Jefferson? You bet.

We can't all achieve world fame at what we do, but we can achieve something. But first we have to have a mission, a theme around which we base our lives. A mission is relatively abstract. A book doesn't come out and tell you what it's theme is. It demonstrates the theme through the story, the plots and subplots that are the concrete bases of the story.

What Are My Goals

In the same way, goals are the concrete embodiment of our mission in life. For example, your mission may be to display a sense of serenity in you life. A goal that is in line with that mission may be to not speak harshly to your children. Or part of your mission may be to bring a sense of joy to life. A goal to further this may be to work as a clown in a circus.

Do I Have Any Projects

Once you have a goal, you have specific target to shoot at. You're a mailman. How do you become a clown in a circus? What do you need to do to become a clown. These things you have to do are the projects, the short-term goals you have to achieve in order to reach your long-term goal of becoming a clown. You may need to go to clown school. This is a project. You may to learn what the career opportunities are for clowns. This is a project. You may need to get together your clown supplies, the tools of the trade. This is a project.

See the progression here. You have a mission in life. You pursue goals that fulfill that mission. You engage in projects that take you closer to your goals.

What Are The Project's Tasks

Finally, each project has tasks that you have to do to complete it. For example, to gather together your clown supplies your tasks are to get makeup, props, and costumes.m These may be little subprojects themselves, or they may be easily accomplished tasks.

How Do I Keep Focused

It's easy to say do this, do that, and you'll get where you want to go. But how do you really get there? First, when you develop your mission, you have to mean it. It has to be in line with your values. If it isn't, no matter what you say, your actions in life won't demonstrate the mission you say is yours. Your actions will show a mission in life, but the chances are not what we want.

Second, you have to write it down. If you don't write it down, you are just fantasizing. It isn't that the act of writing is important in and of itself. But this is the first step in bringing your mental plan into physical reality. It focuses your thought and desire from the mental world into the physical world.

Finally, review your mission, and your goals every day. See where you stand, where you are following the path you have laid out for yourself, and where you have let yourself be sidetracked. This lets you correct your course before you get too far off track.

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