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How to Effectively Manifest Beliefs

Earlier this week I posted an article on the alogic of atheism. Since then I found an interview with Douglas Adams in which he discusses his atheism with the American Atheist. It's an interesting interview and I recommend you read it.

One of the points in the interview that interested me was Mr. Adams' emphasis on the fact that he didn't just not believe in a God, but he was convinced there is no God.

So, I do not believe-that-there-is-no-god. I am, however, convinced that there is no god, which is a totally different stance...

The important point here is the differentiation between belief and the state of being convinced. In As You Believe I differentiated between thinking, believing, and knowing. To think something usually refers to intellectually based ideas to which we have no ego attachment. To believe something usually refers to ideas to which we have an ego attachment and which may have no reality in the exterior world, and to know something refers to something based in experience.

I really don't care about the arguments for or against a belief in God. This site isn't about that issue. One of the things this site is about is changing your beliefs so you can create positive changes in your life, and Mr. Adams brings up an important point in this regard. If you were to decide one day to believe gravity doesn't work, yet every time you take a step your foot continues back to earth rather than hanging in midair, you're going to experience a disconnect between what you say you believe and what you experience. Changing your world by changing your beliefs doesn't work that way. The physical laws of the universe don't change. Creation works through them, not around them. When you say you believe something that doesn't coincide with your experience with the world, you will experience this disconnect. In order to effectively manifest beliefs in your world, you have to do four things.

1. Know the belief is possible. Take two different beliefs. I have a million dollars and I can fly like a bird. The chances are you will be able to manifest the first belief in your life, but not the second. You have known or heard about millionaires, but outside of movies and comic books, nobody who can fly like a bird. You have to see the belief as a possibility before it will become possible for you. This illustrates one point I keep in mind in my own life. None of us is totally unique. What has been done by even one person in the world, I have the potential of accomplishing.

2. Know the belief is realistic. Again, I have a million dollars. If I'm scraping money together to put gas in my car I may be telling myself "What the f...? I can't even fill up my car with gas and I'm saying I have a million dollars?" If you're telling yourself two such disparate things, you're expressing two different beliefs. What you are trying to create has to be realistic to you. If it isn't, you will never see it. Other beliefs that are more realistic to you will be created instead.

3. Know the belief is true. Finally, you have to know your belief is true with the same confidence you know gravity works. Your beliefs are the laws of your universe. You have to know something is true in your heart for it to become true in your exterior world. There may be a disconnect of time between believing you have a million dollars and the money being in your bank account, but you have to be convinced it is there, or it will never happen.

4. Act on the belief. A corollary of this is you have to act on your belief. A great todo is made about the law of attraction in many places today, and well it should be. One expression of the law of attraction is like attracts like. If you don't act on your belief, you will be negating it. Your actions and your words (verbal, mental, and visual) have to match.

As an example I'll use my experience with conscious out of body travel. I first found out about OOBE when I was a teenager. I read several books that were supposed to be nonfiction in which people told about their experience with OOBE. I knew it was possible. The consensus view of humans is that we are physical beings. To make OOBE realistic I had to become convinced that we are not physical, but are manifesting in a physical world. This, combined with my reading about people who had experienced OOBE, convinced me the OOBE is true. I then acted on my belief that I could get out of my body until it actually happened. I have only been able to get out consciously a few times, but the point is I manifested the belief that I could travel out of my body consciously.

Whether you are trying to pass a physics exam, buy a house, start the next Microsoft, create a good marriage, travel out of your body, or become illuminated, these four factors are always necessary. See how they work in your life.

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