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High Vibes - How I Get My Vibe Up

I'm pickin up good vibrations
Shes giving me excitations
Im pickin up good vibrations
(oom bop bop good vibrations)...

I've been tagged by Kirsten Harrell of the Think Positive! Blog to get my vibe on. Created by Cardin at The Optimist Lab, this is a writing project for us to tell how we renew ourselves.

Here are the rules set up by Cardin:

1. Write a new post about your five favorite tricks for “Raising Your Vibes”.
2. Link back to OptimistLab and the person who tagged you at the top of your post.
3. Give your attention to five (or more if you want) deserving bloggers by picking one high-quality post by each blogger.
4. Tag these bloggers by going to High Vibe it, and submitting your “Raising Your Vibes” post and the five posts you picked.
5.Tell each blogger you picked that they’ve been tagged either through email or by leaving a comment.

Well Kirsten, here are some of the things I do.

  1. Meditation. Meditation is, for me the ultimate way to center. I sit. I focus. I wait. The light comes. I know things are okay.
  2. Music. It may be Bach. It may be Led Zeppelin. Sometimes it's Jean-luc Ponte. If I'm down, music energizes me, putting into notes how I feel so I can take it out and look at it. If I'm already up, it expresses how I feel and lets me feel free enough to express it. If all art were taken from the world, the loss of music would be the worst.
  3. Watching a thunderstorm. Have you ever just watched a storm without concern for what it can do or where it may go. Even better, try to throw yourself into it, seeing yourself existing at its center, gyring with the winds and thunder? Thunderstorms embody a raw, unshaped power, emotional and visceral - the same power that we all embody. Flying in one makes me feel clean and free, exhilarated and purified.
  4. Going to the beach. Sitting on the beach at sunrise is a religious experience for me, like the birth of the world.
  5. Walking in an old forest. They are hard to find now, but walking among trees that have grown for hundreds of years is like being in a gothic cathedral. There is a hush, a sense of comfort and renewal that comes from being in the midst of so much life that shows no evidence of the hand of man.

So that's it for me. I'd live to here what some others have to say about how they energize themselves, so I'm high-vibing

1. Wendy Piersall from eMoms at Home with You Don't Have to Be a Jerk to Enjoy a Big Ego.
2. Lyman Reed from Creating a Better Life with Here's What's Working.
3. Karen Lynch at Live the Power with Happy Strategies.
4. Steve Olson at with How to Break a Negative Thought Pattern.
5. Terry Starbucker at Ramblings From a Glass Half Full with Weddings and Butterflies.

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10 Responses to High Vibes - How I Get My Vibe Up

  • Hi Rick,
    Thanks for playing along. I am with you on all but the thunderstorm thing. I must admit I have yet to appreciate thunderstorms. Your description, however, was pretty awesome. I will see the next storm through new eyes.

  • Sorry Kirsten,

    I got confused and replied over at your place. I've always been fascinated by storms, fortunate since I grew up in the Illinois plains since we got thunderstorms and tornadoes regularly, but when I lived in Tampa I came to enjoy them more and more as I watched them come in over the bay.

  • Hi Rick,
    Funny that we are having this conversation because I have been working on appreciating all types of weather. Rain and wind tend to irritate me. Lately, instead of getting irritated, I have been saying "there is great wisdom in nature." This reminds me that there is a reason for everything and not to let the weather get to me.

    Are you still in the Tampa area? I visit Anna Maria/Long Boat area every year. I love that area! It is kinda like a second home to me.

  • I love these tips...

    Rain, thuderstorms, old forests, Led Zep, the beach... all these things pick me up. I especially love thunderstorms, the booms and crackles, and the smell just before and after. Thunderstorms smell like nothing else in the world. The olfactory equivilent of cold water splashed in your face on a hot steamy day.

  • Kirsten,

    No. I moved to Pennsylvania from Florida in 1980. My son lives in Venice now. I wouldn't want to live there again, but I have intentions of visiting. I like seasons, and land that rises higher than my nose. :-)

    It is much easier to appreciate weather when you don't have to actually be in it. Rain, for instance, I would rather watch than feel. I think I'm half cat. Not that I mind getting wet, but when I decide to get wet, not the sky. Wind is wondrous, though, as is watching and listening to the rain. It is possible to learn to not let weather changes upset you, especially when it leads to changes of plans. What you say about the wisdom of weather is one of the things that I get out of it. It is something we haven't learned to control, and to me, that is a good thing.

  • The olfactory equivalent of cold water splashed in your face on a hot steamy day

    That's it, Steve!

    That may be the physical tie between several of these things, too - there is a change in ozone levels and a modification of the electromagnetic field we normally live in.

  • Rick, you're on! You know I'm all about those vibes, so I look forward to replying to this one. I also bet you already know I'll put music on my list too! All the best.

  • Good deal, Terry. I hadn't thought about what you would list, but I know I would have been surprised if music wasn't in there! I'm looking forward to what you say.

  • Hi Rick,

    I once sat with a friend on a porch watching, listening, feeling, an entire thunderstorm in Austin Texas. It was magical, I especially enjoyed the sound changes of the thunder and the rain throughout the course of the storm. Sometimes the rain felt soft and feminine and sometimes it had a hard masculine quality, same with the thunder.

    The whole thing felt like a sensual dance that nature was having with herself/himself. You know, like maybe I should tell nature and nature to get a room. :)

    Anyway, loved your list, thanks for playing the High Vibes Game!
    Cardin Lilly

  • Hi Cardin,


    This project was a good idea. I'm looking forward to the results.

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