Shards of Consciousness

Haiku #2

Moment eternal,
Timeless serenity that
Come's in summer's breeze.

2 Responses to Haiku #2

  • Summer's cooling breezes are most welcome here in Australia. We often get an evening breeze coming off a nearby lake in summer evenings. We throw open the doors and windows and enjoy the cooling effect after the very hot days we can experience here.

  • That does feel good. We often do the same thing, closing the house back up in the morning before the heat starts to build up.

    My wife and I like to sit on our porch in the late evening or early morning. Dusk and dawn feel as if the world is holding its breath between inhalation and exhalation as the winds change from cooling to warming.

    #375 | Comment by Rick on August 22, 2006 4:40am

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