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Fly With The Storms

I love thunderstorms. As long as I can remember I've loved thunderstorms. I grew up in Illinois in the midwest of the United States. In the summertime thunderstorms were common. You could see them coming for miles. I would watch as they approached, feeling the wind and seeing the lightening play between the clouds as well as coming down toward the earth. When I was in the Air Force I was stationed in Tampa, Florida. After I got out of the service I stayed in Tampa for a few years. We called Tampa the thunderstorm capital of the world. I had a sleeping room at the tip of Tampa Bay. One of my pleasures was watching the storms roll in over the bay with the thunderheads growing as the wind picked up and lightening flashed.

I live in Pennsylvania now. We don't have the number of storms that I experienced in Illinois and Florida, but I still enjoy them. Last night my wife woke me up because a storm had come in and was blowing rain in the windows. The storm was right over our town. When lightening flashed, the clap of thunder was almost instantaneous. After closing the windows I watched the storm for a while.

What I found a long time ago is that you can reach out and almost become part of a storm as it occurs. It is an exhilarating feeling. You become aware of the raw sense of freedom and power that flows around you, and within you, at all times. All you have to do is imagine yourself in the midst of the clouds that embody the storm. Forget that you are a human standing on the ground. Picture yourself in the sky, flying with the winds and feeling the discharge as lightening flashes. A storm is not a calm, rational discussion. It is a release of a flood of emotion. The psychological effect is salutary. You feel cleansed, and freed. In some ways it is like a good cry. Negative emotions that you have held in are released in a way that doesn't harm you or others. You reawaken the awareness that you do not stop with your skin, but are a part of the world around you. Try it. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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