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Flowing With the Changewind

In The Fires of Paratime L.E. Modesitt, Jr. uses a metaphor that has been a power in my life since I first read the book. This is the image of the changewind. When the changewind blows, everything changes. You may not know what changes will be wrought as a result of the changewind, but you do know wrought they will be.

The changewind has been blowing in my life in for the past few months. Since March I've had business difficulties and recovery as a result of equipment failure. Two of my children have married. One, whom I haven't seen in three years, has returned home from the service. One is going through a separation from his wife. A badly leaking roof has been repaired. I've gotten involved in programming again, and as a result have been invited to become a member of the Project Management Committee for Habari.

People looking at the change from the outside may say This is good or This is bad about particular changes that are occurring. They miss the point. It is enough to acknowledge that change is occurring, with the changes in my outer life portending the changes in my inner life. Good or bad are irrelevant.

It is difficult, if not impossible to know the outcome of the changewind when it blows. You may as well ask a fortune teller what you'll be when you grow up. Too much depends on who you are and what choices you make. When you are in the midst of change, the outcome isn't important. What is important, is to know that the changewind is blowing. The outer manifestation, while important, is less important than knowing that the outer changes are the effect of inner changes. You have changed, and as a result of the turn, the scenery around you shifts as a new landscape comes into view.

Sometimes the changewind is a veritable tornado that destroys your outer life as the you undergo an utter change of being. Other times the changewind is a gentle breeze. A chance remark, an incidental encounter, shows a subtle shift that you may not be aware of for some time. Either way, the change winds blow every day.

Do you see the changewinds in your life? Do you fight them, or do you fly with them until they ebb away, then look around to see where, and who, you are?

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