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Five Must Read Books

It's a new year. People have been talking and thinking about their resolutions, their goals, what they want to do and accomplish in the coming twelve months. All I really want to do is read. There are five books in particular I want to read. I've seen them all before, but like any good book, each time I read them I get a little bit more.

A tree. It stands, limbs stretched wide, shifting in the changing winds, but staid through the winds of time.

A baby's smile. Laughter, joy held in the arms of life.

A mountain. Raised from the deep and, year by year, bit by bit, becoming the earth on which we move.

The sea. Rhythm. The ebb and flow of change that hides a source that is forever.

Lightning. Sudden change searing from the sky to the earth. The flash that illumines that which was hid, giving form to the formless.

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4 Responses to Five Must Read Books

  • Hi Rick,
    I re-read the same books...and a few others: The sky, My Husband's Eyes, Mar kings on a $1 bill, and most important book -- My Breath.

    You might enjoy the Art Garfunkle song, "Everything Waits to Get Noticed". It's got a similar focus.


  • Hi Erica,

    You have some wonderful books. I read the breath book a lot, too. It is one of my greatest teachers.

    I'll have to find the Art Garfunkle song. Thanks for the heads up on it.

  • A fragrant rose with dew drops.
    The sun setting on a beautiful day.
    The song of a bird at dawn.
    The mist in the valley.
    And the smell of freshly baked bread in the kitchen.

  • Wonderful, Trevor!

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