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February 2007 - Blogtipping Personal Development Bloggers

The first day of the second month of the year is already here, and it's� time to follow the tradition instituted of old by Easton Ellsworth, Blogtipping Day. Today I tip my blog to personal development bloggers that� help me on my journey and speak to a secret part of all of us.

Tippee #1: Dave Schoof writes, and speaks through his podcasts, at The Disquiet. Dave's About� page shows Dave's encounter with the Disquiet, and how it led him to� change his life, and begin helping other men change their lives.
1 - Your writing is clear and strong, speaking to an issue that is� important to all of us, that "something that is missing" in� our lives.
2 - The way you explain what a feed is� and what a podcast is are terrific. Thank you!
3 -� Your sidebars are well-arranged and easy to navigate.

Tippee #2: Kammie Kobyleski writes at Passion Meets Purpose. Kam asks us all "What sets your soul on� fire?", then shows us how to find our passion and how to live it through her own example.
1 - I love the quotes you� start your posts with. They set the tone, and you take it up a level� with your writing.
2 - Your fire comes through with� every post you write. I feel like I'm talking to you when you write.
3 - For the first time, I scrolled all the way down to the bottom of� your page while I was writing this. That grass is so cool!

Tippee #3: Debbie Call is a former therapist and coach, and a lifelong� learner who writes at Spirit In Gear. Her goal is to show us "Tips and Musings to Help You Profit from Your Inner Knowing". She may be the only South Carolinian with a snow shovel, which� has been coming in handy for her. Our past always leaves traces, that sneak up when we least expect them.
1 - You invite us into your� life, as you show how you create and respond to your reality. Spirit� In Gear is an appropriate name for your blog.
2� - Your theme is clear, clean, and easy to read. Thank you!
3 - I like the way you use images. There isn't one in every post, but the one's you use are appropriate and carry the tone of what you're writing about.

Thank Dave, Kam, and Debbie, for the opportunity to learn from you and to talk to you.

7 Responses to February 2007 - Blogtipping Personal Development Bloggers

  • Thanks Rick - and what an honor to be among such great folks doing great work!

    #187 | Comment by Dave on February 1, 2007 1:09pm
  • Awww Rick~

    You are too kind!

    I'm glad you dig the GRASS!! It's kinda flow-y like and calming...needed something chill with all the fire and PASSION at the top of the page;)

    Thank YOU as well for sharing your insights with all of US!

    Stay passionate friend,
    ps...I take it as a HUGE compliment that you can HEAR my voice...dig that.

  • You're welcome, Dave.

    The interesting thing about the 'wisdom of crowds', is that it only applies when we are acting as individuals. The crowded internet has given me the opportunity to become acquainted with some wise and wonderful people who I would never have encountered otherwise.

  • The grass is way cool, Kam. I can't believe it took me all this time to see it. Keep up the passion and the underlying calm.

  • I came to see the nice things you said about Dave's blog and discovered a great blog to be reading! Thanks -- I look forward to the change to read your new posts and browse among the old... (and you're right -- his writing is great --

  • Hi Karen, and welcome! Look around, enjoy. I hope you find some good food for thought here. I popped into your site. I can see I'll be spending some time there.

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