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Early Examples of the Law of Attraction and Vision Boards

These early examples of the Law of Attraction and the use of visions boards are approximately 20,000 years old. They were found in the cave at Lascaux, France.



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  • I love the prehistoric art of the caves of France, I would just love to visit them one day, alone and feel the energy of the creative. The Secret is that if one needs something, really needs something to live than that thing should be honored purely on that basis. Humankind has lost that connection. The very basic essentials to life such as air, water, food, and land DEMAND more respect than want is given today. Does the overabundance of convenience have anything to do with our situation? I think it does.

    Thank you Rick for your warm words and truthful observations at Modern Musings. You are appreciated.

    Wishing you well as always

  • I have a book. I believe it is The Creative Explosion by John Pfeiffer that has many images of prehistoric cave paintings that has always moved me. A place I would llike to spend time alone in are the pyramids of Egypt. They arouse the same sense of mystery and awe in me.

    Yes, I believe we have lost our conscious awareness of the interconnections between us and the rest of the world, both physical and social. In our daily lives we forget we live in an ecology, with all that implies. Whether reawakening that awareness requires a hard life, I don't think so. It does require an effort and a revision in our world view.

  • hey how is it going

  • Hey, how can you say that these pictures depict the law of attraction?


  • Hi Jan,

    A vision board consists of images of what you wish to attract in your life, in the same way creative visualization is an exercise in which you imagine your wants as already a part of your life. Prehistoric peoples were hunter/gatherers. These images show them finding and killing the food that they need. As such, they are excellent examples of the law of attraction and vision boards. If this, in fact, the reason these images were created, they also illustrate that these beliefs are nothing new, but are tens of thousands of years old.

  • Do you think that prehistoric people draw that images before they knew how to kill and eat animals as food or just after they discovered the technique of survival? This where I'm confused.


  • Jan,

    I think we killed before we drew. Imagination will always come before physical manifestation.

  • I think this is a very important thing. This blog post is very interesting and very well done. Thank you very much, I appreciate it!


  • well this is a great picture but why were the horse so fat and what do it have to do with the culture of this people.......... But how did they get color on the wall if back then they did not have any paint or crayons.......

  • Evelyn,

    Thanks for stopping in. See the wikipedia article for an introduction to cave art.

  • grear work and great collection of art paintings.awsome spirit

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