Shards of Consciousness

Drowning the Light

Always the sorrow

never the joy

God's on his mountain

there's a cold little boy

Street sounds filter

through his window at night

Too low to muffle

the sounds of the fight

Now I lay me down to sleep

echoes in his ears

I pray the lord my soul to keep

he prays to drown his fears

Mama, why are you angry

is the question he fears to ask

The sorrow in her eyes

is hidden by her lash

Papa, where are you going

is the question in his eye

as papa walks the evening

so his boy won't see him cry

Father, mother, son

A triangle in the night

Holding close their sorrows

Drowning out the light.

2 Responses to Drowning the Light

  • Some powerful images there Rick.

    Sadly, this is the condition of so many people today. Where is there hope in an otherwise hopeless world?

    As for me I draw great spiritual and physical strength and hope from God, but I realise that this is not for everyone. I find that the Easter story, to be quite topical, is one of both great despair and ultimate hope.

  • I try, Trevor.

    It is sad that this is the condition of many people today. In time we will wake up and know that God is not on his mountain, but the wellspring of our being and it no long so.

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