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December 2006 - A Blogtipping Potpourri

Another month has come and gone. It's time for that ritual of the spreading of the blogging link leak virus - Blogtipping Day.

Tippee #1: Carolyn Manning's Living Spiritually is a personal development blog that I've been reading for the past couple of months. She has quickly become a part of the blogging community.

1 - You show a practical approach to personal growth that comes out in clear writing. Your voice comes through.
2 - I love the feedbutton you put on the site. It makes good use of space, and makes it easy to subscribe with the most common feed readers.
3 - Thank you, thank you, thank you for the new theme. It is so much easier to read than the old one.
Tip - We're patiently waiting for your transfer to Wordpress .;-)

Flash Update: Carolyn has moved to A rousing cheer from all!

Tippee #2:Trevor Hampel's Trevor's Writing. Trevor's is one of the first blogs I learned about when I entered the blogging world. Here he gifts us with his poetry, writing tips, and ideas for our own stories.

1 - I like the clean design on your theme. I'm not distracted from what you have to say.
2 - You post frequently and regularly. I always have something to look forward to reading.
3 - Thank you for inviting us into your life with your stories of your acceptances and rejections in getting published. You show us that if we put in the work to polish our craft, there are commercial outlets for that work.

Tip - If you moved your subscription links further up the page it may help increase the number of subscribers you have.

Tippee #3: Tony D. Clark's Success from the Nest. Tony is an entrepeneurial dad. Success from the Nest is devoted to everyone who wants to work from home and make more time for their family. Here he blogs, illustrates, and podcasts - a classic triple threat.

1 - I like your design. I love your artwork. It's always funny and apropos.

2 - You keep your focus. You cover your all aspects of your subject, as a glance at your categories shows, but they always come back to your core subject.

3 - You make your points clearly and without excess verbosity. Your posts often have that sense of inevitability they say good writing should have.

Tip - An option to subscribe to receive an email feed is something to think about. About 1 in 6 of my subscribers have chosen it instead of rss.

That's it for this month. Carolyn, Trevor, Tony - thank you for what you do for us. Everyone else, if you haven't seen these blogs, take a look. See you next month for another blogtipping!

12 Responses to December 2006 - A Blogtipping Potpourri

  • Rick – Thanks so much for the blogtip and the kind words.

    I actually have an email subscription on the "How to subscribe" page, but have been considering adding it right to the sidebar. The fact that you didn't see it, show's me that's what I need to do. My next rev will do just that.

    I really appreciate both the compliments and the great tip.

  • Hi Tony,

    The pleasure is mine, though it felt kind of odd considering your post from yesterday.

    I'm glad the tip helped your thinking process. Knowing how rss works, I never thought to look for the email subscription on the "How to subscribe" page.

    Have a good weekend.

  • Sometimes it take some else to point out the obvious. I think your tip is right on the money.

    Also, now that FeedBurner has the link option, instead of just the form, it'll be so much easier to add.

  • And maybe I should have had someone else read that before I posted it :)

    Should read "Sometimes it takes someone else..."

    Hope you have a good weekend as well.

  • In terms of code, the link option is so much easier than the form was. In terms of space, it's much better. I've been thinking about putting my links on a separate page to save space and spiff up this place a little.

  • Wow, Rick! My whole face is lit with a smile. Thank you so very much for the emotional boost a blog tip carries with it.

    Living Spiritually and Thoughts & Philosophies are both being housed at WordPress now under the name (that's the name I got & I don't know how to change it; too late now). The new blog was christened and set sail this afternoon.


  • I forgot to ask. Did you just add "Explorations in personal development" to your header?

  • You put a smile back on my face, Carolyn, and Easton's of course.

    Yay! (Notice that I put the new url in as an update.) Now you can tweak away to your heart's content. Those are some beautiful plants in the header.

    "Explorations in personal development" has been in the header almost since I started the blog - my way of answering the question "What the hell does Shards of Consciousness mean?"

    #452 | Comment by Rick on December 1, 2006 6:16pm
  • Hi again Rick. Thanks for the encouraging comments. As far as the title of your blog goes, it originally aroused my curiosity enough to think "I wonder what that's about?" So, it worked for me.

  • Good morning Rick,

    Thanks for the flash update. The plants in the header are a statement of me and how I feel about this community.

    As for "Explorations in personal development", my powers of observation must be rising to a new level.

    For the record, "Shards of Consciousness" always made perfect sense.


  • Hi Trevor,

    I've taken encouragement from your example in many ways. Thank you.

    #171 | Comment by Rick on December 2, 2006 5:13am
  • Good morning, Carolyn.

    Regarding powers of observation - welcome to my world. :-) Our eyes nonchalantly skip over things with such ease.

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