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Ch Ch Ch Changes

Thanks to Liz Strauss and Sandy Renshaw, I have a new graphic in my sidebar. It says Change The World!, and is the perfect complement to the purpose of this blog, to present

... tools to help you change your beliefs, change your life, and create your world.

Changes in your world don't come from trying to get others to change, trying to do big things, or getting into an important position. Change starts, and ends, with changing yourself. Everything else, the changes you make in to the world, follows from the changes you make within. Here are some good articles I've seen this week on the little changes you can make that change the world.

Phil Gerbyshak inspires us just by being Phil. In 5 Ways to Change the World he shows us how he does it.

Ben Yoskovitz wrote a guest post on Successful Blog called Change the World: Each of Us Can.Ben ends the post with the line

When the world shrinks into the palm of your hand, you’ll know what to
do to change it.

Vision boards are the visual equivalent of an affirmation. Many people use them to focus, and manifest their world. In How
to Make a Vision Board
, Christine Kane tells us three ways we can use them.

Most of us, as we grow up, go through at least a period of time when we forget how our lives and emotions come about, and let what we do and who we are be controlled by the circumstances in which we live. We put away our dreams and talents for the necessary task of supporting ourselves and our families. In Where did the Dreamer go? Craig Harper tells us about connecting with someone who was a dreamer when they were to school.

The Point of Power is in the Present. It's never too late to change. Are you who you want to be?

8 Responses to Ch Ch Ch Changes

  • Thanks for the link! I love your own words about the idea of changing the world... "Changes in your world don’t come from trying to get others to change, trying to do big things, or getting into an important position. Change starts, and ends, with changing yourself." That's so true, and so many people don't believe it, or forget it... and they spend their whole lives doing things like, shouting at people to be peaceful! More and more I'm getting how it's all about my own insides. Thanks for a great post!

  • Hi Christine! When I'm awake, I'm not a very visual person, so I never paid much attention to vision boards before. Thank you for showing how they can be used. I'm going to be using one.

    I've found myself in the position of "shouting at people to be peaceful!". The irony is one of the things that has helped me learned to wake up.

  • Glad I could help inspire you Rick. One of my commenters left a note that sums it up: "Be the change you wish to see in the world." That's all I'm trying to do, one person, one article, one comment at a time.

  • Rick - thanks for reminding me that I wrote that.

    And thanks for introducing to me to vision boards. I had never heard of them now I've got something else to roll around in my noggin'!

  • Phil, You're my hero when it comes to attitude! I just added Terry's comment to my quotes database. It really does say it all.

  • Uh oh, Ben. You're starting to get a memory like mine. :-)

    Christine does a great job of explaining how to use the vision board. I'm going to be giving it place in my work. They bear a strong relationship to the use of symbolism in magic and religion, and so should be a very effective tool.

  • Rick,
    This piece is such a lovely tribute to so many others who hold a torch of kindness and thought for the world and the people we touch. Thank you for counting me among that group. Though I know your could not possible include everyone within our vast circles of interaction, I do see one under-represented that I would care to mention here. I hope that you don't mind. His name is Rick Cockrum.

    Rick, your are quiet about your ways of helping. You observe to find out what folks need and then you quietly provide it. Sometimes it will come in a word, a sentence, maybe a blog post. Sometimes it will come in a act of geneosity -- a poem written when I had no time.

    You make a beautiful mark on those who's lives you touch with your words and your deeds. I am changed because I know.

  • Aw Liz, you're making me blush. Thank you.

    No one of us knows much. I'm grateful I've run across people who know things I don't know, and can express it in their own inimitable ways.

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