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Basil's Coming!

No, not the spice, the donkey. Yes, Basil the donkey is coming to the great state of Pennsylvania! What's that? Who's Basil?

Basil is a code writing donkey owned by Ben Yoskovitz at On Tuesday nights (Chicago, USA time) Liz Strauss (one of the kindest, clearest, most helpful people I've met on the net. She has some of the best writing tips you'll find on her site.) of Successful Blog has an open mic night. She invites anyone to come in, converse, hang out, and have a good time. Her only rule is to be nice.

One night people were talking about Ben's donkey, who didn't have a name. He ended up being named Basil after John Cleese's character in the 1970s British comedy series, Fawlty Towers. Another week Ben said he would send a copy of the complete Fawlty Towers series to the winner of a contest. The winner, Cat Morley of Designers Who Blog, was kind enough to suggest giving the DVDs to someone else, Starbucker of Ramblings From a Glass Half Full. From there it was decided to send the two Basils on a world tour. See Where Is Basil for the complete story.

So far Basil has been to

  • Canada, with Ben
  • Connecticut, USA with Starbucker
  • Chicago, USA with Liz Strauss
  • Savannah, GA, USA with Chris Cree of CREEations, where Basil is currently staying

It took me a while to sign up. I live in a small town and thought Basil would be bored, but once I found out he likes popcorn and theatres I decided an extra hand at the concession counter of the theatre wouldn't be a bad idea (assuming, of course, he doesn't eat all the popcorn). After some of the adventures he's been having, a small town could be a break for him. His travels seem to have more than a taste of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles to them, mostly due to his own actions.

It will be a few months before Basil gets here. He has a lot more travelling to do first, as you can see from his itinerary. He may be the first globe-trotting donkey in history! You can sign up to have the Basils come visit you at the Where Is Basil list sign up. Pop over to the site. Read Basil's adventures to date, and sign up to be the first in your neighborhood to have a donkey come visit!

5 Responses to Basil's Coming!

  • Rick, It might not be a good idea to have Basil working with the popcorn concession. He really likes it too much and the slobbering might turn away most of your paying customers. ;)

  • There is that. And the space behind the counter would be kind of small for him. I wonder how he would like being an usher? He could earn back some of Ben's credit card money. We'll figure something out.

    #290 | Comment by Rick on August 9, 2006 11:14am
  • Hey Rick -- thanks for being a part of this crazy community project!

    No matter where Basil goes he has a good time. And there's always something to see and do even in the smallest place. That's what makes Basil's trip so fun - we don't know where he'll go, but everywhere he goes, we'll learn something new!

  • Hi Ben! Basil has turned into one fun donkey and lives an exciting life. I've started putting together some ideas for places for him to see here. I'm glad he's from Canada. From what I can tell he'll be here in the middle of winter.

    #301 | Comment by Rick on August 11, 2006 10:48am
  • Basil is a wild one. He doesn't mind the winter too much; donkeys are fairly sturdy even if he's one of the least sturdy donkeys around (excluding his ability to consume copious amounts of alcohol.)

    I'm sure you and Basil will get along smashingly and he'll enjoy his time with you.

    Thanks again Rick.

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