Shards of Consciousness

Another Year

Another year has
passed on. Weeks of love and loss.
Another year is
facing us. Open the door.
A new dance, a new song, waits.

Open the door. Step in.
The mirror of your mind is
open. Dreams of the
past, dreams of tomorrow wait
for your touch, your grasp, your light.

4 Responses to Another Year

  • Happy New Year Rick. Hope the 2008 is good to you and yours. Amazing how the years pile up. I still think that 1975 was just a few years ago. Well..okay, maybe a little longer than that maybe but still...

  • A grand and happy New Year to you and your wife, Kirk.

    So far I've got two weddings planned for the year (not mine :) ). It's shaping up to be fruitful.

    1975 was just a while back, the other day, in fact. But then, I never did have a sense of the passage of time, or a sense of direction. Maybe it's the second star to the right, and straight on to morning.

  • Great Poem! Happy new year to you, Rick!

  • Thank you, Life. Happy new year.

    May we all be aware of the magic we wield.

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