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Advertising Policy

I put ads for various things in the pages of this websites for two main reasons.

  1. Often, people are looking for help with a specific question or goal. We usually look around for information to help us achieve our goal, but that isn't always available or may not be the most effective answer for us. In this case, we go to a commercial source.
  2. As I said when I started this site, my main purpose is to talk about some of the things that have helped me live my life, and may help other people live their lives, but I also wanted to generate income. I want the information to be available to anyone who wants it, and so decided to make advertising, which doesn't cost you anything, the main income source.

The purpose of advertising is to support the site. The purpose of the site is to support you.

Types of Advertising You'll See Here

  • Contextual Advertising - ads placed from a server based on the information on the page. The ad is machine generated.
  • Books - You may see ads for books in the sidebar, mentioned in the body of an article, and obviously in my Amazon Store. The recommended books I've either read myself or think may be useful or interesting.
  • If I ever write a book for sale, I'll joyfully talk about it here, just as I advertise my software.
  • Music - Sometimes I may post ads about music I enjoy.
  • Private ads - Sometimes people contact me directly to place an ad on a page that is already written. These are relevant to the page, and, within my ability to research, on the up and up. I do not claim to have used the products or services spoken about in them, though, any more than I claim to have used the products and services in contextual ads.
  • You may see an irrelevant link ad or a product ad. These are placed by advertisers who, for some reason, think this is a good place to advertise. In movie terms, these will be no more than a G to PG rating.

Types of Ads You Won't See Here

  • I won't knowingly allow illegal or non-family friendly ads.
  • Don't send me anything to post a review. If I ever do a review, it will be about something I got on my own and decided to talk about.

Note To Advertisers

Based on what you read above, I am open to placing targeted ads on this site. All on site ads will have rel="nofollow" added to the link. Relevant statistics include

  • Google Page Rank - 4
  • Current Alexa Rank - 340,000
  • Visitors - 3100 per month (6 month average)
  • Page Views - 5400 per month (6 month average)

Rates are

  • Sidebar Banner Ads - 125 x 125 - Only $10.00 monthly sitewide. 4 slots available
  • 180 x 150 In-Article Banner Ad - $15.00 on the home page or sitewide, $5.00 monthly for a single article.
  • Link ads - These appear in the Featured Sites section of the sidebar under the banner ads. $5.00 monthly. 5 slots available.
  • We are also looking for sponsors for The Shards of Consciousness podcast. Average listenership is approximately 460 per episode. Contact me for rates.

You may contact me to discuss advertising using the contact form below.

Note: No HTML is allowed in the contact form.

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