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A Friday Potpourri

Looking back I see I've been negligent with pointing out good reads that I've found on the internet, so I need to get back into it.

Feed readers are a popular way to read blogs. Unfortunately, using a reader is relatively passive, and many of us, once we read something in our reader, go to the next article. We stay in our own house, a tendency we often bring into the physical world. Nneka talks about how we tend to get into our shells in Must Have Human Contact.

Gleb Reys has been blogging for almost a year, now. In Personal Development Ideas: Top 10 he tells the top ten things he's learned from his blogging experience.

We all take pride in our accomplishments, and well we should. None of us are alone, though, and none of us exist in a vacuum. All our successes are made with the help of the people in our lives - whether we've met them physically or not. Brian Kim reminds us that Nobody Does It Alone.

2 Responses to A Friday Potpourri

  • Thanks for mentioning me, Rick. I've learned a lot by finding people like you and becoming a regular reader!

    #540 | Comment by Gleb on January 4, 2007 1:21am
  • You're welcome, Gleb. That was one of the best articles I've seen on the basic habits and traits we need to have to grow. Thank you for writing it.

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