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A Connected Life

It's Sunday. Go away. Get offline for a bit to find the connected life. Here are ten things to get you started.

  1. Meditate
  2. Take a walk
  3. Write in your journal
  4. Read a book
  5. Write a poem
  6. Breathe
  7. Call your mother (or other childhood caregiver)
  8. Go on a date with your significant other
  9. Smile at a stranger
  10. Find the pictures in the clouds

4 Responses to A Connected Life

  • Rick:

    What a beautiful simple yet powerful list! A great reminder to get connected with all that there is. My favorite is taking a walk (especially in the woods). That, to me, is the best way to reconnect to the divine.

    I've been a loyal subscriber for a long time and I continue to enjoy reading your articles. You are making a difference! Keep it up. :)

  • Hi Stephen,

    When I was young we lived close to a Boy Scout camp that had a section of woods that had never been cut. Whenever I walked there I felt like I was in a cathedral.

    Thank you for finding something here worthwhile.

  • Richard:

    You felt like you were in a cathedral because nature is teeming with angels. I believe there are what you call "nature angels." The forest is alive with energy. That's why your mind clears when walking in nature. It's the closest any of us can get to the true essence of the spirit.

  • Beautiful, Stephen.

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