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A Blogging Transition

As I've mentioned in the past, I've been working with a new blogging engine called Habari. I've had several sites on the platform - Cockrum Publishing, SagRising, the Ambridge Family Theatre, and my son's site, Ripples of Thought. Habari is still fairly new, though, and it was missing one thing that Shards needs - podcasting support.

Finally, though, the support is there, and as of now Shards of Consciousness is also running on Habari. With this transition life has become much easier for me. All but the theatre site are running on one installation of Habari, which means when it's time to upgrade the software, I only have to do it once. At the same time, each site is completely independent. All have their own database, some using MySQL and some using SQLite, all use their own theme, and all utilize different plugins. A simplified work load while maintaining site independence. What more could one ask?

Even though I've redirected the feeds and have installed a plugin to rewrite the links so all old permalinks should still work, I expect there'll be some shakedown issues. If you run into any of them, I would appreciate it if you notified me, either at my email address if you already have it, or by using the contact page. For that matter, I would appreciate hearing from you just to say hi. :)

Now, back to blogging!

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